Anderson Casimiro

Anderson Casimiro

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Head of Engenharia @ Convenia. Leading teams for the last 10 years. Since 2001 passionately working on digital solutions development. Writer, Nerd and Pagan at the same package

Hi. My name is Anderson Casimiro. I’m Brazilian, born at São Paulo in 1981. Working with tech since 2001 while my passion begun by the 80s when I’ve programmed my very first code.

I’ve been Developer on the first 10 years of my career engineering the main solutions at the companies I worked. I’d used mainly web technologies as PHP and Javascript, setting up servers, leading with databases, optimizing images, etc. Yes, we were used to do all of this.

In 2008 me and 4 more developers founded the PHPSP. The PHP Professionals community of São Paulo which realized lots of events all these years, small and big ones. In 2021 I left the organization in exceptionally capable hands.

In 2011 I had my first experience as a development leader, and I had 2 years of huge learnings. Coordinated different teams and applied all my experience, as developer and manager. I’d also CTO in a AgTech startup where I went deeper in resource management skills. As Technology Manager I worked for multiple teams at same time. I met awesome professionals during my journey.

Nowadays I’m Head of Engenharia at Convenia, leading a team which I love and managing one of most challenging projects of my career. This organization allows me to apply my 20 years of experience while I’m still learning. Every single day.

I’m a human. With human problems. With human life. Son of Izilda and Antônio, Raphael’s brother, partner in crime with Gohan(😸). Pagan by faith. I like games and tech. I like Art. I like to live. I really like to live.

And sometimes I dare myself to write 😉.

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Head de Engenharia @ Convenia. Líder de times há 10 anos. Desde 2001 trabalhando apaixonadamente no desenvolvimento de soluções digitais.
Escritor, Nerd e Pagão no mesmo pacote